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Autumn winds and lip balm for cold sore protection

Natural, organic protection for lips

It must be that time of year again. Although it’s not very cold yet, change is in the air, and cold sores start to appear. So I’m posting this for people who Google “How to prevent cold sores” and “Cure cold sores”. I keep on making BeeBalm, because I, and people I know, use it, and it works. So I would like to spread the word.

Help your skin’s natural defences by eating well and being happy, by not using harsh chemicals and detergents on your skin, and by applying natural organic oils to help maintain you skin’s natural defences.

In 2010 I developed a natural lipbalm, Greenman Beebalm, that I use daily. Since then, my experience and feedback from friends and customers has convinced me that BeeBalm helps prevent and heal cold sores.

My experience of dealing with skin problems including cold sores

I ‘ve been using Beebalm lipbalm since 2010 and I don’t really get cold sores anymore. Toward the end of this summer I was traveling and didn’t do my usual daily lip balm application, and a sensitivity started – a slightly bruised feeling that is the start of a cold sore. I applied BeeBalm and the sore disappeared over the next couple of days, with barely a hint of the crusting that marks a fully developed cold sore.

How it works

I studied Biochemistry and Forestry, but in my opinion, the way BeeBalm works is more common sense than science. Apart from the obvious advice to live well and eat good organic food, how does it work?

Cold sores are caused by a virus infection which disrupt the skin. So the idea is to:

  1. apply a waxy layer to protect the skin, allowing it to heal itself (beeswax, jojoba)
  2. provide an anti viral to discourage the cold sore virus (tee tree oil)
  3. provide nutrients, vitamin E and free radicals to promote skin healing (wheatgerm oil)

Tea Tree oil is well known as an anti-viral oil. Some people are sensitive to Tea Tree. In any event you should use it diluted in oil, or a most convenient way is in a lip balm. Use a lip balm that is made with beeswax, this will form a protective layer on your skin and help your lips heal themselves.

I use organic beeswax because I don’t want to put non organic beeswax on my face – could contain pesticides and antibiotics. I  prefer to use community farmed products if I can – rather than industrial produce. So I use organic beeswax from African forest communities.

I also include jojoba oil because its got oils similar to human skin, and wheat germ oil because its got vitamin E.

Bee Balm TT prod shot lrI started making my own my own lipbalm in 2010. It’s called BeeBalm (Tea Tree). I sell it under the Greenman Bodycare label, in local shops and online. It’s stocked in Hisbe Brighton, and Manuka Foods, Chichester, both in the UK (see Greenman Bodycare website for stockist details).

You can also buy BeeBalm online from my website

Good luck!



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